Like a hammer on a drum
Like footprints in the sand
From the moment we are born
There’s an imprint on your hand

Wrap your fingers ’round my neck
You don’t speak my dialect
But our images reflect
Drawn together by the flame
We are just the same
Embrace the wind and fall into
Another time and space

If we belong to each other, we belong
Anyplace anywhere anytime
I’m going to any world you’re coming from
Anyplace anywhere anytime

Another story, time and age
You were a pirate from the sea
Words sail across the page
Crash like thunder suddenly

Bits and pieces from your storm
Rain upon me as they form
Melt into my skin and I feel warm
Sweep upon me like a wave
We are young and brave
Embrace the wind and float into
Another time and space


It's all in the game

Music by Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen / Text by Carlo Karges / English text by Lisa Dalbello

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