I can´t stand the way you talk to me
When you worry about what I used to be
You say you are a cool guy on the run
But you´re frightened like a mothers sun

Don´t fear
Don´t come near
I´m not your little kid
Insecure, don´t be a fool – but Im not…

I´m not a cockpit in your clubbook
I´m not an actor in your life
I´m not a spring in your watchplace
I wanna live my own life

You´re looking for someone to cure your complex
I´m not the girl for your prudish kind of sex
I can´t see a reason for you to stay
So, good-bye, bye, you have to go away

Don´t be sad
Don´t be mad
I´m not your little kid
Insecure, dont be a fool – but I´m not…


The Stripes

Text by Rainer Kitzmann, Andy Kirnberger

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